Our physicians play an important role in patient advocacy, participate on multidisciplinary teams with other health care providers, supervise care and personally deliver some medical services in the home for our patients according to the guidelines set by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

They develop and oversight treatment plans which includes:
Explore the patient’s ideas, address their concerns and fulfill their expectations.
Management of medical problems
Identification of home-care needs of the patient
Establishment/approval of a plan of treatment with identification of both short and long term goals
Evaluation of new, acute or emergent medical problems based on information supplied by other team members
Provision for continuity of care to and from all settings (Institution, Home and Community)
Communication with the patient and other team members
Participation, as needed, in home-care/family conferences
Reassessments of care plan and outcomes of care
Evaluation of quality of care
Documentation in appropriate medical records
Provision of 24-hour on-call coverage
Prescription of medical supplies and equipment
Regular home visits for established patients